A fly in ointment
makes waves
that draw smiles

Lap at the edges
of a Petri dish
as though enthused

Climb for sides
but slip beneath
and reach nowhere

Splash as if it
mattered but be gone
before I open my eyes

Do you remember these words?

Crimes will be measured ‘fore a crowd
that braves iced wind. I will define this motion
in the eyes of the living and the not-so-living. In
me you have a cured saviour; a windswept
giant that you gawp at en masse with shivered
smiles and sheepish sniffing noses. Be my
children, wet, wry and cold, as I was a child
to those before me. These walls hang staring
smiles, now anon and gazing, and enclose
what words are uttered with stillness. Gallop
for a new world and I will shoulder what I may;
find love in me and I will take these cloistered
dreams to a world anew. I am your king and
you will love me.

A fading; remorse

She walked away through
the hills of clay
while I stood in dismay and cold wonder

The dew was a treaty
in the moment, so fleeting
and the sobs were snored and bleated

She was a soul with
a palm on the world
and a rhythm matched only by fire

In a staunch morning breeze
I fell to my knees
and triggered a twofold, wet coda.