He / He who never weeps
He / He who deigns to never sleep
He / He that is but a shadow of what he was meant to be
He / He again and again

He / I am all but he
He / I am all but he and I shout to be

He / He that would balk at a year of wordless nonsense
He / He that fucks and is kind when it suits
He / He that is afraid of a shadow
He / He that makes the sun come up every damned day
He / He that is not me and yet I refuse

He / I am He
He / I am all that He is not.

I Swear On This Rose

I swear on this rose;
lay it on cold stone
for the earth to reclaim
and the sky to shelter.

I’m so weak and
these blues, they speak
to my withered,
soulful, messy self.

I swear on this rose;
the colours were stark
and only made sense
when the sun went down.

We are so weak;
feeble to speak
of a world that is wanting
to be itself, to be something.