Never. Far. Away.

Knock once if you’re listening. Twice for a break.
Throw your toys out in anger. I choose to not patronise.
The walls are the same. White, pure and looming to nothing.
Painted over and over until blind. Their ears bleed for you.
And now for me. No wonder the dolls move. Like they always did.
No wonder the tile’s clean. Like it always was. Knock again if you’re angry.
Only once will do. If you see a gloom it’s normal. I’d guess.
There are piles of your pictures. Red, blue and fierce.
Like that princess of another place. I hope you meet.
Bang again and rage. I will rage too. Until these walls are no more.
No more.


Call me when it’s over
Call me when the rails are make believe
I know we tried
I know we tried at times;
others were left wanting and
we can accept that,
I suppose.
Call me when it’s over
When the lights come up
and I’m handed a glass
and the sand sifts into its final
resting place;
I can accept that
Call me when it’s over
Red curtain rage departs to bright lights
and I’m left with my empty beer
and that look of wonder.
Just call me when it’s over.