and on and on to another world

reach in
a wondered guise
that is poor and wise
that we deputise

this avatar
abates to nought
this abattoir
is tending taut
to other masquerading fools
wearing troubled, haunted jewels

I am a somebody else now
and these catastrophes
are yours and mine
we dance to different music
when the lights come up
when the lights go down

Gladiatorial Glamour

Just shrug to make it better.
Just work to lift a history
into view; these unjust makings
are all you care for;
all you see through a bronze visor.

Proteinous; a throbbing mass
that depletes like a shadowed dial
beyond mountains that only shrug
when the moon appears,
through bronze you blink and blink.

A mighty racket dilates cheeks
and blistered eyes hide from the
sand, shrieking by.
Squeeze that metal tight, don’t
let the bronze be blinked away.

Beauty In That

Call arms when we embrace
too late to seal a truthful kiss.

Inch perfect, is that weighted
lean at sunset and sunrise.

The flaming rays offer shining
wonder for only our eyes.

Can we be congratulated by
a parting pair of clouds?

For what have we warranted
such rising joy without haste?

The beauty in this and that
makes light of any shivers we feel.