I am a vampire

This carpet knows its joy
knows its keen eye is coy
to be glad; gladder than we.
These paves smirk at my
rough, baseless skulk
when they hold up all.
The wind is a whistling
demon and I am jealous
to navigate each secret.
These bricks lean inward,
though without foresight;
in a moment they swell to be.
The lights glance and wink
away from me, and I am
a vampire; sucking my fat lip.

Thunder And Now This

You can’t complain

when the ghosts come calling;

the rings on your fingers are a shame…

Thunder and now this!

The sky answered back blankly;

a blight of crows making soft a kiss..

Subtractions make a whole

mess of desire; the lamps are

silent but for heating the bronze bowl.

The birds hide the ground

and take turns to gripe;

a scuttle and a screech, before no sound