Lights pop

Fragile, grey

We lit, now we sway

The heat of this day
The warmth in a plastic box
Oh how I yearn for such
radiated love to soothe me!

Queues weave

Eyes are dancing

We sit, now we sway

Looming reams that make me whole again
I stack and dribble with the variation
Fuck this place is my dream!
I am to lick every inch, when my turn comes.

Metal shudders

Mirages form

Perpetual noise

Heavy eyes seek lore that is ne’er writ
The masses cannot be wrong so I am another.
Blind me my sweet mother
and make me sweat until the end of all!

Deep set eyes

Deep set eyes
and a rural smile
that made rummaging mess
of my shoulders

Half cocked eye
and a pipe of weed
and a wink that stank
of gasoline

Bloated and groaning
a belt bursting with loathing
and a St. Chris hanging pendulous
with each drawn breath

Hair all dishevelled
and a watch gold and rough bevelled
that only ran backwards
in the shade

Knuckles still damp
and the stubbled chin of a champ
gleaming with gravy
and cheap beer

How can I be of service?
His voice was all surface
and his monied lenses
strained to notice my tears

and on and on to another world

reach in
a wondered guise
that is poor and wise
that we deputise

this avatar
abates to nought
this abattoir
is tending taut
to other masquerading fools
wearing troubled, haunted jewels

I am a somebody else now
and these catastrophes
are yours and mine
we dance to different music
when the lights come up
when the lights go down