How I Woke

Today I woke with a
Fear, soft and broke
Almost elusive
Though it chilled me like fire

Today I woke and accepted
a wheeze that
Left me unnerved
And impatient

Today I woke
With a satchel of hate
Like rocks on a march
I regretted

Today I woke
Shaking hands with some bloke
Who was dressed all in black
And anointed

Today I awoke
Empty bottles my greeting
And the joy of a new day
Was not even fleeting

Today I awoke
Anew but collated
Alive but reinstated into
These long marches to somewhere I think I know.

Clowns et al

how do we wait for a sound
that holds our life in its palms
how do we howl when the moon
howls back twice as hard
how do these beacons spin
on a dime when our wallets hold nothing but air
how do the shadows grow longer
than the patience that’s stripped raw and bare
how do the palpitations of a life
forgotten and ragged perambulate golden and proper before our eyes in a riotous heartbeat
how do lanes on a roadway converge with erratic distaste
when our hands shake at the motion and any notion of speed when we haste