She was Bergamot
I was loose

This is how we remained

They were Burberry
I was relative

This was how we remained

Wet terrapins and glaring big cats
make your hand all the sweeter

Candifloss and silhouettes
make the sounds all the clearer

Ferris wheel

This was how we remained

Tying knots in rough string
Hanging decorations on dying limbs

Fireworks making love overhead
In the noisiest way

This is how it remains

She was Bergamot
I was loose


Lips twitch to a
pitch that’s heavy;
leaden and weighted
for prizes.
Feet tap on wooden
slats to a beat
much unknown
to the wise.

Murmur it low for a
murder of crow
sit loose on stones
marking waste.
Greet new friends, re-
peat amends;
false handshakes
break in rough haste.

Take it all roughly,
bake a wall
with ginger
crumbs; hard and wet.
Lace the liquor, iced,
pace the halls at night:
refine your art;
lest they ever forget.