Steady As She Goes

Blowing bubbles and
swinging in a yellowing glaze,
these days seem beyond
any bright human phase.

Cider-sweet fingers
blowing smoke to the Gods;
we’re a firework’s coda
us, denimed roughshods.

Beating a rhythm
on a table that leans
we monopolise time
in our halcyon dreams.

Stand firm and sway
while lungs contemplate
days gone in a fire;
our minds infiltrate.


In romance they’re scuffed
but the leather is hardy
enough to not deserve
being forgotten.

Linoleum screeches on the odd
occasion where wheels roll by
with squeaking bit-parts
in our drama.

Timelessly they quake
and protest each fall
but our first.
Like they know what it means!

Left alone they will weep
and all eyes are only for our dust
that dresses them up
as they once dressed us.

Careful With The Wonder

Ease it out onto the balcony
with oven gloves
and face averted

Place it in the sun to recuperate
tossing back its head
smirking like an idiot

Watch it engage with the stuffy
hayfever of life and wrinkle
its nose; as though it cares

Hear the birds bark an ancient song
while it sleeps and pretends
not to listen

See the wind grope cold then hot
then cold again and it bristle;
aroused and then distant

Don’t tell a soul
of all it means
and all it sees