Cars rolls in,

dry and shining.

In the heat,

they sparkle like doves.

Hands we shake,

as do chains and keys.

Into gear

and I’m somebody else

Smells: sweet, cool;

I transcend on up

and the smoke

on my lips, is borrowed.

Crimes fall by,

under wheels they die,

all at once

I’m complicit in fury.

I return,

unscathed. Nod and smile,

then I’m gone

and stand, waiting for duty.

Butterflies & Hurricanes

Colder now but not cold enough

The wings can only carry so far

Yesterday is a reflection and it burns

The envelopes are hidden and unopened

The teddy bears are dusty

The land remains still and that’s enough

His words carry only so far

If we are forever then make it so

This plastic heart cannot stand the weight

These butterflies are hurricanes when stirred

Never look back, those waves never stop beating


With The Gargoyles

Out of the window
with the gargoyles I stand
where the air is thin and damp.

The world’s majesty is
it thunders through me
with each look,
sound and stare.

I’m an explorer, wielding a claw hammer
wet with blood and
melting ice.

The ground rumbles beneath me;
I am a thousand feet tall,
a monster of

We have rolled, slid and slithered
immersed in
the grit of life
where dreams germinate
and fulfil untold prophesies.

The ledge is shallow; feet squirm
for grip as
jets scream overhead.

My heart is a chaos of
yearning and wonder and
when I fall
it stops