These Rails

Lean in
sit tight
against the
rapturous might
of the gathered, the lean
these Mercedes careen
while I stretch,
wretch and swallow
the urge to ignite
pour more
bubbles glowing
and then to take flight
I’m an animal
with throbbing detest
so let’s drink, fumble; foolish
make farcical jest
life swoons
around us in
elegant waves
and we pucker our lips,
pour liquor on graves
this is now
this is how
we vibrate in loose time
I’m a brazen, blue child;
in fallacy:



Storks stand in a tree,

gormless and grim,

wings outstretched and

reaping the hot sun.

We gawp and swear

at the heavens

through feather and gaping beak

that chews a soundless tune.

Naked trees are withered

hands that scratch

at the sky

to cover the watery

eyes of the Earth,

sighing hot

and weary for years

upon years.



incisors bared
when the waiter nears
like my drumming fingers are hardly enough
to tell you I’m ready

there’s blood on the menu
splattered in angry loops
like join-the-dots

my table manners are flawed these days
I can’t stamp out these bad habits
when my knuckles crack I’m mortified
and beg for more sangria

salt and pepper and bubbling
red glory adorns the table
in silence we eat and throw sideways glances
at the crimson, flowing
which pools