We are juggernauts of nothing new,

Muttering on crowded pews.

Nodding, wailing, wall to wall;

In leathered tomes we scrawl and scrawl.


Perfunctory and gaseous,

Sweating, we huddle on train and bus

For a small semblance of meaning we lust.

In a childhood dream we place our trust.


Prayers ascend into boundless stars;

Thudding soundless, the black imparts

A word, “nothing.” A chuckle.

Entwined they fuse and buckle.


Piled, dusted bone

Finds a solitary, swollen home.

Unsighted, without regard;

Gravely recycling alone.


With gay abandon we dig, split and bury;

Churn, burn and fluster; get merry.

Multiply like molten lies

With burning eyes,

But fireflies

Can hold the sky

With fleeting Guys

‘Fore they melt

And die.